Nespresso Alto Intenso Vertuo Coffee Capsules - 10 Capsules

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Bold character with notes of dried wood and dark caramel


Bold character with notes of dried wood and dark caramel

The distinctive notes of dried wood and dark caramel arise in this blend thanks to a rare find: a washed Robusta from Guatemala. A bold character is maintained with persistent bitterness while balance is achieved with a washed Arabica from Costa Rica. The blending of these two origins results in a dense, thick crema.
We bring you the richness of a Robusta coffee, with the similar caffeine levels of an Arabica, thanks to a partial decaffeination of the Robusta portion.
The strong personality of this blend arises thanks to the complete harmony between two Central American origins. Boldness yet without the typical hardness of a low-grown Robusta - is present thanks to the high altitude Guatemalan washed Robusta. A Costa Rican washed Arabica coffee adds sweet malty notes to balance the boldness of the fine Robusta and achieve a complete cup.
This dark-roasted blend is split roasted. The first split is the Guatemalan washed Robusta, roasted dark and long to give the singular intensity. The Costa Rican washed Arabica is also roasted dark and long, yet shorter than the first part of the blend, in order to counterbalance the overall intensity.
The high extraction temperature sustains the brewing of very heavy and intense notes, while the medium flow balances them so the blend reaches a pleasing overall intensity.

Intensity - 7/12
Vertuo Capsules
414ml (Alto) per 1 capsule approx.
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